15th September 2017

Our Top 3 Blue Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

Furnishing your living room with a traditional Chesterfield leather sofa has become established as a sure-fire way to make an interior décor statement. However, a unique way to take your design further is by experimenting with a bold colour for your leather furniture – like investing in a blue Chesterfield sofa, for instance.

While such an interior design choice is sure to make an impression on house guests, it can be rather tricky to fit in a blue leather sofa within the overall aesthetics of your room. The key consideration when faced with such decorating challenges is maintaining the balance between choosing accessories to enable your blue Chesterfield sofa to stand out, and a stylish, cohesive look to the room. Here are our tips on how to achieve that:

1. Maintain neutrality

One of the best, and easiest ways to balance out a room with a statement piece of furniture such as a blue leather sofa – whether it’s dark navy or a lighter shade – is to select a neutral colour for your walls, like white or off-white. Not only is this strategy great for decorating small spaces, as it adds air to the space, but it also allows your blue Chesterfield to stand out, complemented with accent colours and accessories.

White walls are an ideal solution for creating a crisp look focused around a brightly coloured sofa, as the end result bears many elements of the timeless ‘coastal look’ achieved by combining navy and white  interior design elements. Complete the casual look with natural elements such as rattan and light wood furniture, sisal rugs and funky patterns, or perhaps even introduce a few other bright colour pops to personalise the décor.

2. Warm up with bright colours

To keep your blue leather sofa from sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of your living room, look to incorporate other shades of blue when accessorising the room for a balanced look. One way to incorporate light and dark shades into your interior design is by relying on a peacock blue colour scheme – this particular shade, or any dark blue – is great for adding depth to any space and making a bold statement without leaving your room looking busy.

Don’t shy away from mixing light and bright shades of blue when decorating around your blue Chesterfield sofa – cobalt, sky and turquoise patterned items complement the darker look well. You could even consider including hot orange and yellow accents throughout the room and count on a bold-patterned rug to serve as the focal point, against a backdrop of wood or concrete floors.

3. Soften the mood

Any leather sofa is bound to create an air of masculinity in a room, but a blue Chesterfield sofa – especially in a navy shade – would likely make a particularly strong statement. To balance things out and soften the look, you can incorporate soft and rich fabrics, like velvet cushions and wool throws, into your interior design.

Combine with sheer (or light blue-grey) curtains and warm grey and teal accessories to bring more light to the space (alternatively, a grey leather sofa also makes a beautiful addition to your room). You can also add a more feminine vibe by introducing a few touches of hot pink or lime green as an accent colour to counter the strong masculine look of the blue leather sofa.


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