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Accent chairs are the perfect addition to a room if you're looking to add a touch of originality or freshen up an old colour scheme. The wonderful part about an accent chair is that it doesn't need to match your other interior design; it is a stand-alone piece, often used to show a bit of personality in your room and make a statement. With that in mind, take a look at our expertly made leather statement chairs, occasional chairs and leather armchairs in a range of colours which you can easily make the focal point of your room.

What is an accent chair?

An accent chair is a stand out piece of furniture which adds something new to your room. It may be in a colour you’ve never chosen before, a style you’ve not yet been brave enough to try or even an eye catching pattern. Many people choose their accent chairs in a colour which matches small details in the room, so it’s eye catching but not too overbearing.

There are a range of different accent chair styles, including Club Chairs like the ones featured above. Slipper chairs which sit closer to the ground than usual, occasion chairs which can easily be moved and wingback chairs are all commonly used as accent chairs. You can also have an accent chair in all different types of material, even if it doesn’t match your current design choices. An accent chair is essentially the perfect piece of furniture to test out your creativity.

How do I choose the right accent chair?

Choosing the right accent chair for your room can be a difficult task, especially considering it’s meant to stand out. First, you should consider where to place the chair and how much you plan on it being used. Is it just a decorative piece or will it be sat on often? If it will be used more often, a roomy club chair will be more suitable than a rigid high back one. If you will just be using it for occasions, a lightweight chair is the best option for you.

After you’ve chosen the style of chair you’d like, it’s time to pick your colour! If you’re planning on a bold colour, consulting a colour wheel first is always a good idea. By taking a look at complimentary colours to your current colour scheme, you can still choose a stand out colour, but you can be sure it isn’t too disruptive. After choosing your colour, the final thing to do is decide on a pattern if you’re looking to go down that route. Plaid is a popular choice at the moment, but you may find a flowery or stripped design suits your room best. Subtly working with the rooms current decor is the key to a good accent chair choice.

Why choose a Thomas Lloyd accent chair

After going through the process of finding the perfect accent chair, you want to be sure it will last. At Thomas Lloyd, we work to ensure each piece of furniture is made with quality in mind. Our sofas are handmade in the UK, by our incredible team of craftspeople, with unrivalled skills and standards of quality control.

If you’d like to test the quality of our products in person, we’d be delighted for you to come and visit our showroom to see our sofas up close. Just give us a call and we’ll book you in!


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