4 Seater Sofas

If you have the space, why not take a look at our 4 seater leather sofas? These grand pieces of furniture make a statement in any room, offering an abundance of seating space and a level of opulence that is unmatched. At Thomas Lloyd, the 4 seater sofa redefines the concept of spacious relaxation, making them the ideal choice for those who prioritise roominess and comfort in their spaces. 

If you desire a lavish seating solution, discover our range of 4 seater leather sofas. Each piece is handcrafted in the UK and made to last, you just have to choose the design that speaks to you.

What size is a 4 seater sofa?

A typical 4 seater sofa measures between 230 to 290cm in length, much like our Wilmington Grand Leather Sofa that sits at 279cm wide. This substantial size ensures that you and your guests have ample space to unwind and enjoy luxurious comfort.

Should I get a 3 or 4 seater sofa?

Choosing between a 3 seater and a 4 seater sofa depends on your specific needs and the available space. A 4 seater sofa is perfect for those who require generous seating capacity, whether for entertaining or simply lounging in style. It’s the preferred choice when you want to create a statement piece in your room.

Will a 4 seater sofa fit through a door?

Before purchasing a 4 seater sofa, it’s essential to measure the dimensions of your doors and hallways and the height of the furniture to ensure a smooth delivery process. At Thomas Lloyd, we normally find that narrow passageways, stairwells or any other unforeseen obstructions pose more problems. All our furniture will easily pass through a standard (30″) doorway.



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