Recliner Chairs

If you’re looking to create a dedicated haven of relaxation in your room, look no further than the leather recliner chair. Handcrafted in Wales with premium leather, our recliner chairs are designed with one thing in mind: your absolute comfort. Featuring an adjustable backrest and footrest so you can recline and find the perfect angle for relaxation, the comfort they provide is unparalleled.

Take your comfort to the next level

At Thomas Lloyd, we craft recliner chairs that are not only incredibly cosy but ones that are also a statement of quality and style. Available in a variety of colours, explore our complete range of chairs to find your oasis.

Where should a leather recliner chair be placed?

In your home, they’re perfect for the living room or bedroom, providing a cosy spot for reading, watching TV, or simply unwinding. In commercial spaces, like waiting areas or office lounges, recliner chairs offer a touch of luxury and comfort to guests and clients.

Recliner chairs are versatile and can be placed in various settings. For example, our Monk and Senator leather electric recliners are ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Do recliners need space behind them?

Yes, recliner chairs require some space behind them to allow for the reclining motion. But how much depends on the back height and the specific reclining mechanism. When looking at models, find out and account for this so you have enough clearance between the chair and the wall or other furniture.

Are recliners good for posture?

Recliner chairs can be beneficial for posture when used correctly. They provide excellent lumbar support and allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest to find a comfortable and ergonomic position.

If you’re sitting for long periods, it’s important to find the right chair and position that’s comfortable for you. Visit our showroom so you can test the comfort, feel the support, and make that all-important decision.

Bring your vision to life

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