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What makes a tan leather sofa the perfect choice for your home?

Having a traditional Chesterfield leather sofa as a living room statement piece is a sure-fire way to make an impression with your interior design. Better yet, don’t limit yourself to the tried and tested brown leather Chesterfield – choosing a tan leather sofa instead is a great way to take your design a step further, even if you are amongst the more risk-averse homeowners.

Complete with all the charm and timeless features of the traditional Chesterfield, such as the luxurious curved arms and the signature buttoned back, a tan leather sofa is both versatile and stylish, and will add a touch of class to any space. This quality piece of leather furniture is a great investment, not only because of its durability, but also because it never goes out of fashion!

Ways to decorate your living room around a tan leather sofa

One great way to compliment the appearance of your tan leather sofa while also ensuring it is inviting to your family and your guests is by placing a rug in front of it to create a cosy focal area. Choose a large patterned rug to create a classic Victorian look, or opt for a bold coloured rug if you are going after a contemporary style.

This is a great way to break up your living room and balance out the décor by separating the floor from the leather sofa, and works especially well with wooden flooring. For optimal feeling of comfort, place the two front legs of your tan leather sofa just over the edge of the rug.

Another fantastic idea for furnishing your living room to further emphasise the charm of your tan leather sofa is by integrating some solid wooden furniture into the space.  When combined with leather furniture, natural elements can give your living room a rich and sophisticated atmosphere. Try placing a large wooden bookshelf behind your tan leather sofa to recreate the traditional look of a classic stately home, and finish off with two tall lamps on either side for extra ambiance.

Colour palettes you can pair with a tan leather sofa

Combining oranges, whites and browns with your tan leather sofa is a fantastic way to warm up the look of a living room in a contemporary home. To avoid making your look overwhelming, use the orange sporadically and balance it out with more browns and off-whites.

If you are a fan of bolder interior decoration choices, try using a colour combination of browns and golds for your living room. Ideal for spaces with a lot of natural light and an off-white base, this palette will make your space feel beautifully rich and soothing. Although this colour scheme could work with any shade of brown sofa, a tan leather sofa would look more elegant than a darker one.

The lighter shade of a tan leather sofa, compared to darker brown alternatives, is also a great match for colder colour palettes, such as grey and teal. The warm tones of the sofa, combined with soft rich fabrics, such as wools and velvets, and medium to dark wood will keep the space from appearing too cold. Contemporary settings, on the other hand, can embrace the coolness and embellish it with glass, steel and light timber furniture, as well as accent colour cushions in lime green or hot pink scattered around the tan leather sofa.



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