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Why a grey leather sofa is the perfect choice for your home

A high-quality leather sofa has the potential to last for up to decade, so you’ll want to choose a sofa that is timeless in design, to keep up with the constantly changing interior trends. At this point you may begin to consider the varying shapes and styles of leather sofas available, but what about the colour?

Here at Thomas Lloyd, we offer a variety of colours, beyond your traditional brown leather Chesterfield suite. That isn’t to say you have to jump in the deep end with a bold and daring colour palette, but as the colour of your sofa will likely determine how you decorate the rest of your space, it’s important you search for a colour that can adapt to your personal style.

With the versatility of a classic brown sofa, grey leather sofas provide a neutral canvas for easy decorating. From bold colour palettes to abstract patterns, having a grey leather sofa can open doors to a multitude of decorating styles.

Great for both traditional homes and contemporary interiors, grey Chesterfield sofas offer endless styling possibilities.


Grey leather sofa decorating tips

A large piece of furniture as minimalist as a grey leather Chesterfield sofa provides the perfect foundation to build your personal style upon. The aim with a grey leather sofa is to balance the elegant, light colour of the leather with the rest of the space, using accessories to add varying textures and tones.

If you’re looking to bring contrast into your living room, consider pairing your grey Chesterfield sofa with throw cushions in navy blue, mustard and cream. Not only are cushions a great way of adding colour and depth to your sofa, you can also use cushions with geometric patterns and woven textures to create a more contemporary interior style.

To make your grey leather sofa the centrepiece of your home, you could paint the wall behind the sofa a deep blue. With a darker backdrop, you’ll be able to accentuate the light shade of the grey leather sofa and create a perfect space for simple wall art to be displayed.

In terms of accessories such as coffee tables and light fixtures, the versatility of grey leather sofas means you can incorporate a variety of materials into your space. Try including warm, natural wood accessories to balance out the cool tones of your grey Chesterfield sofa.


Colours palettes that go great with a grey leather sofa

Combing bright colours with your grey leather sofa is a fantastic way to liven up the look of your contemporary living room. Though, to avoid overwhelming the muted grey, it’s best to choose one or two bold colours to act as your accent colour, balanced out with white or natural materials.

The light tone of the grey leather is great for contrasting with brighter colour palettes, including turquoise blue, mustard yellow and hot pink. Try weaving a single bold colour into the thread of your cushions and the brush strokes of your wall art, to create a cohesive interior style around your grey leather Chesterfield sofa.

By introducing a bold colour palette around your grey leather sofa, you’re left with plenty of freedom to switch up your interior style in the future. Thanks to the versatility of a grey leather sofa, if you choose you want a more minimalist design, you can easily replace your colourful cushions with plain, textured covers and it will still look fantastic.


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