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Whether you're looking for dark brown, light brown, tan, chestnut, rosewood or mocha, Thomas Lloyd have got the perfect brown leather sofa for you!

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Why should you choose a brown leather sofa for your home?

Introducing a leather sofa to your home is a fantastic way to create a sense of luxury and elegance in the space. And since a high quality leather sofa is likely to last a long time, it’s important that you make sure you’ve chosen the right one before purchasing.

When choosing the colour of your sofa, you should think practically as well as aesthetically. If you have children or pets, spills, stains and finger (or paw) prints on your sofa are an inevitability, so tan or white leather sofas are not a very practical solution. A brown leather sofa, on the other hand, will not only conceal dirt or marks better, but also add warmth and character to your living room.

How do you decorate around a brown leather sofa?

Much more than a piece of furniture, the classic brown leather sofa that is the Chesterfield is a timeless piece, complete with the signature buttoned back and luxurious curved arms. Over many generations, the brown leather Chesterfield has become synonymous with the sophistication and grandeur of stately homes.

This widely recognised style of brown leather sofas is so versatile, it can easily fit into any type of home décor. If you are looking to incorporate a brown leather sofa into a traditional style living, you should make sure you are getting the balance right, so the prominent character of the Chesterfield doesn’t steal the attention away from the rest of the area. Try combining your brown leather sofa with a large classic rug to create a sophisticated look and even the balance of the room out.

Chesterfields can also work splendidly in contemporary homes! Pair your brown leather sofa with accessories in bright colours such as light blue, red and orange, then add a finishing touch such as an eye-catching work of art or an eccentric lighting fixture.

Another great benefit of having a brown leather sofa as a focal point in your living room is the wide range of colour schemes you can incorporate with it. Thanks to its versatility, the opportunities for styling an area around a brown leather sofa without it looking boring are endless.

How do you decorate around a light brown leather sofa?

For a classic coastal look, decorate your living room in tones of navy and white mixed with natural elements such as rattan furniture, sisal rugs and fun patterns. Your brown leather sofa will fit nicely into this charming colour combination which will stay in fashion for years to come.

On the other hand, if your aim is to create a light, bright space, you can choose to decorate with pastels and neutrals. Painting your walls in soft tones such as soft coral, light grey, pale orchid, light blue or sage green, and introducing texture with wool, linen and velvet in the same palette will create an inviting, soothing atmosphere and allow the focus to fall solely on your brown leather sofa as the rooms main feature.

How do you decorate around a dark brown leather sofa

If you prefer decorating your space in darker shades, opt for peacock blue (or a similar shade of dark blue). By introducing stronger, moodier tones you will balance out the warmth of your brown leather sofa, as well as any wooden furniture or exposed red bricks. Add more fun to the room with bright accent colours and a bold patterned rug.


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