Low-back Chairs

If you’re seeking a seating solution that combines comfort, style and versatility, start your search with our range of low-back chairs. With their minimalist design, they are the go-to choice for creating a contemporary and open aesthetic in any room. Whether you´re looking for a more comfortable office chair or to inject comfort into your cafe or waiting room, the low-back chair allows you to do so while maintaining a modern and cosy feel.

Discover stylish seating

Explore our complete range of chairs and find the right style for you. Our low-back chairs are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, offering you a comfortable and stylish seating option that suits various decor styles. You’ll find a range of designs, sizes and colours to choose from.

What is a low-back chair?

A low back chair features a sleek and minimalist design, with a backrest that doesn’t extend as high as traditional chairs (30+cm high vs 45cm+ high respectively). These low-back chairs, such as our Cambridge and Grand Chesterfield models, are perfect for creating a contemporary and open feel in your living space, offering a comfortable seating experience while allowing for easy integration into modern interior designs.

Are low-back chairs better for your back?

While their level of back support may not be as extensive as high-back chairs, low-back chairs can provide comfort and support. Whether they are better for your back, depends on your individual comfort preferences and any specific back support requirements you may have.

Visit our showroom so you can try the low-back chair models we offer.

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