30th April 2018

Which colour leather sofa is right for your living room?

As well as being with you for many years, your Thomas Lloyd leather sofa will be the centre of your living room, so it’s important to choose the colour carefully to make sure it seamlessly blends with your décor.

Aspen 2 seater leather sofa in Slate

Decorating your living room from scratch?

If you’re decorating your living room from scratch or re-vamping your interior, choose your shade of Thomas Lloyd sofa first so you can select furnishings to decorate around it.

You can set the tone for the room with a showpiece green leather sofa upholstered in a classical emerald shade which pairs well with a peacock blue colour scheme. Or, balance a blue leather sofa, such as our popular antique blue shade, with neutral shades of white and off-white, nautical patterns and light wood materials to create the timeless coastal look.

If you are looking to make a bold statement, try our yellow leather sofas in honey or gold to add a Mediterranean style twist to your living room. Match with earthy tones of terracotta and ochre, and bright mosaic patterns to create a space reminiscent of a Moroccan lounge.

Maine Modular Leather Sofa in Chestnut

Adding your Thomas Lloyd sofa to an already decorated room?

If you are adding your Thomas Lloyd leather sofa to an already decorated room, or you prefer your sofa to play a supporting role to your existing décor, then choosing the right colour is very important.

Our chestnut or antique brown leather sofas are a classic choice for the traditional Chesterfield style, and they have the advantage of being able to keep up with your style and colour scheme as it changes over the years. Alternatively, a tan leather sofa is a stylish and attractive combination with warm oranges, browns and whites.

If you are feeling daring, pick out an accent colour from your furnishing, such as your curtains, rugs, lamps or wall paintings, and choose a new sofa in a similar shade.

For example, oxblood and burgundy are popular shades of our stunning red leather sofas, which bring together an eclectic mix of the bold and the traditional to any space. You can also offset any light brown and cream shades with a classic black leather sofa, which will always add a glamorous twist to any living room.

Cambridge 2 Seater Leather Sofa in Oxblood

Don’t forget to look down!

It’s so easy to get caught up in choosing the right sofa that many people forget to think about how flooring impacts on the look of the sofa. Choosing a colour which is complementary to the tone of the flooring means the sofa will blend into the room smoothly and the space will appear bigger. On the other hand, clashing colours between the floor and sofa will ensure the sofa stands out and make a bold statement.

Top tip: Claim your free leather samples

Before making that all important investment in your new leather sofa, our advice is to always order some free leather samples. Pick the colour you think you like and then choose one lighter and one darker shade than that – and try at least one other leather mix to experiment with the texture.

To get a feel for which shade is right for you, place the samples in your living room and take a look at them at different points throughout the day. You might be surprised which shade you prefer as the light changes!

Whether you’re adding to your existing décor or starting from scratch, we have the perfect leather sofa colour for you:




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