Tan Leather Chairs

Similarly to brown, tan leather chairs are among the most sought-after colours. Their rich, warm tones emanate a sense of comfort and sophistication that instantly elevates any space. Due to its neutral shade, tan seamlessly blends with most colour palettes and complements both traditional and modern decor effortlessly. So, whether you want to upgrade your living or working space or update a commercial area, a tan leather chair should be strongly considered.

Discover our shades of tan leather

At Thomas Lloyd, we offer a diverse selection of tan leather chairs to suit your style. Whether you’re looking for a dark, rich chestnut or a light brown for a touch of rustic charm, or perhaps something lighter, like tan or honey, we have the perfect shade to complement your decor.

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How do I decide on what colour to choose?

When choosing the colour of your chair, think about the emotions and ambience you want to create. It´s essential to also consider your existing decor and colour palette and any practical factors that may influence your decision, like whether it hides dirt or marks well.

Aesthetically, if you want warmth, character and versatility, then tan leather is a timeless choice. If you’re not sure which colour leather to choose, then why not read our guide to ‘Which colour leather sofa is right for your living room?‘.

What colour palettes should I pair with a tan leather chair?

Tan leather is so versatile. Combining oranges, whites and browns with your tan leather chair is a fantastic way to add warmth to a living room in a contemporary home. If you’re a fan of bolder interior decoration choices, try using a colour combination of brown and gold. If you prefer colder colour palettes, grey and teal work well with tan too, but you may need to opt for soft rich fabrics like wool or velvet, to avoid your space from feeling too cold.

How to decorate around a tan leather chair?

As tan is so versatile, you can get creative with your decor. If you like the classic Victorian look, choose a large patterned rug to pair with your tan leather chair. If you prefer a contemporary style, opt for a bold-coloured rug. When it comes to accessories, cushions in complementary colours, textured fabrics and wooden accents work well, as they infuse warmth into your space.

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