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Why does your home need a red leather sofa?

Buying a Chesterfield leather sofa is a big investment, so you should make sure you’ve thoroughly browsed the variety of styles and colours available to you before making a decision. You needn’t limit your decoration options to the classic brown leather either – here at Thomas Lloyd we offer quality leather sofas in a range of colour, so you can tailor your leather furniture to match the rest of your interior.

From a practical stance, lighter shades such as cream and tan leather sofas, are not ideal if there are animals and or children living in your home, as your furniture is at constant threat of dirt, marks and spills. If the rest of your décor is neutral, a boldly coloured piece such as a red leather sofa can serve as a great counterpoint and leave a lasting impression.

Red leather sofa decorating ideas

An interior design choice as bold as a red leather sofa is bound to make an impression on your house guests. However, it could be a tricky task fitting it in with the rest of your living room décor. The key aim is to find the balance between maintaining the stylish, seamless look of the space while also accessorising in a way which allows your red leather sofa to stand out.

Another fairly efficient way to tune your interior design to your red leather sofa is painting your walls in a colour which would make the feature furniture piece pop. This fairly time efficient trick will go a long way in changing the look and feel of your space, and can even become a focal point in itself, if you opt for a bolder approach and match the colour of one wall to your red leather sofa or its accent colours.

Having bold contemporary seating, like a red leather sofa, can be great for creating a modern feel in your living room, but at the same time it could also make the space appear quite cold. To create a more homely, lived-in feeling, you can turn your leather sofa into a charming lair by adding a bunch of throws.

They are great for providing extra warmth in the evening, and can serve as a cosy, subtle design feature when not used, thanks to their versatility in fabrics and colours. For optimal visual effect, choose a throw which contrasts the colour and complements the style of your red leather sofa.

Ways to work a red leather sofa into your home

Thanks to the versatile nature of red leather sofas, there are a number of ways to maximise its impact regardless of where it’s placed in your house. If you have chosen a traditional Chesterfield sofa, you can create a seamless look throughout the room by introducing other pieces of furniture featuring the characteristic deep buttons (think ottomans, footstools, loveseats, etc.).

Another way to create visual flow throughout your living room is by arranging two identical red leather sofas opposite each other. This way you achieve symmetry in your design, that you can carry on through lamps and accessories as well, while also creating a space conductive for conversation and entertaining guests.

You could also incorporate a red leather sofa within the interior décor of your bedroom for an extra touch of luxury. Regardless of whether the room colour scheme is already bold, or quite neutral, a statement piece like the red leather sofa will work wonderfully to add a contemporary feel to the space.



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