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Our Frames

However good looking your furniture, whether it’s a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa or something more modern, its quality and durability depends largely on what you can't see - namely the frame around which the armchair, sofa or footstool is constructed.

The importance of a good frame

The frame has to stand up to all the strains and stresses of everyday use. We are committed to quality, our furniture is robustly built to take the knocks and last a lifetime. All our frames are hand assembled from selected hardwoods

The Thomas Lloyd frames

  • We use European birch timber in all critical load-bearing members

  • All load-bearing joints are dowelled and glued or glued and screwed

  • All our frames and finished products are tested to BS 4875 and BS EN 1022 (the criteria for strength and stability for general domestic upholstery)

  • Our furniture is vigorously tested for: seat loads/impacts, back loads/impacts, arm impacts, drop tests and forward, backward and sideways overbalancing

Superior Springing

Many manufacturers take the easy and cheaper way out, using either elasticated webbing or a single bed of coiled springs. The problem with both of these methods is that each web and spring is dependent on each other, so if one loses its resilience the whole of the surrounding area is affected, giving you that unwelcome 'lumpy' feeling.

The Thomas Lloyd spring system

Our spring system offers further proof of our uncompromising commitment to quality. We use only superior serpentine high-tensile steel springing systems, where every individual spring is entirely self-supporting, meaning:

  • Loads are borne more evenly

  • Springs retain their shape

  • And your furniture is much more comfortable

Unlike some manufacturers, we also spring the backs and arms of our traditional furniture. This is why you can count on your Thomas Lloyd furniture to keep its 'as new' appearance and last considerably longer than shop furniture which is often much higher priced.

Quality Branded Fibres

All our fibres are sourced from the leading UK suppliers. Even our back cushions, which do not have to perform in the same manner as a seat cushion, are quality branded fibre products.

Currently there are no British Standard tests for fibre products, but all Thomas Lloyd fibres are tested to perform to periodic recovery gains, flammability regulations, pre and post test heights, as well as for weight and weight loss.

Fire Safe High-Resilience Foams

Safety is as important as comfort when it comes to upholstery and all foams used in our furniture are superior in both these areas to those you will find on the high street at similar prices. We ensure this by:

  • Only using the finest and fully fire safe Combustion Modified High-Resilient products which meet the appropriate British Fire Safety Standard (BS 5852). This means our foams can withstand a burning cigarette or even a butane flame.

  • Choosing 30-35 density arm and back foams, as well as Cold Cured 35-40 density seat foams - both superior to similarly priced high street products.

  • Injection moulding our Cold Cured foam to ensure each leather furniture piece is identical in weight, shape, and size. This is the best foam you can buy and is widely used in car seating technology.

  • Rigorously testing all our foams for flammability, uniform density, tear and tensile strength, compaction/height loss and durability.

Shop our leather furniture best sellers

Handmade in the UK, our best-selling leather furniture ranges include Vintage Chesterfield sofas, traditional Chesterfield furniture and modern design leather furniture. Whether it's a traditional sofa, a clean, modern leather sofa or a classic leather Chesterfield, Thomas Lloyd have a collection suitable for you. Find your next leather sofa or leather suite here.

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