Caring for Your Leather Furniture

Fine leather is soft and luxurious making it an ideal choice for upholstered furniture. With the right care, leather improves with age, providing many years of enjoyable use. Even the best leather, however, needs correct care and maintenance. To prolong your furniture’s appearance and comfort, follow these simple instructions and give your leather furniture the respect it deserves:


Only use our recommended leather cleaning products and always pay attention to the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first. To remove stains and spillages act immediately. Dab with a clean absorbent cloth. For more difficult stains seek professional advice.


Vacuum your leather furniture carefully with a soft brush attachment to remove dust, crumbs etc. It is advisable to wipe clean regularly with a damp cloth only. Do not soak the leather as this will cause staining.


Avoid direct heat from fires, radiators, laptops or hot cups as this will mark or discolour the leather. Do not leave furniture in direct sunlight as this will also discolour your furniture.


Do not allow your furniture to be jumped on or people to sit on the arms of your sofas and chairs as this will damage/distort its structure.

Sharp Objects

Avoid sharp objects such as shoe buckles, belts and jewellery and do not allow domestic pets on your furniture as these will all scratch or damage the surface of your leather.


Regular plumping, turning and rotating of cushions should be carried out. This will maintain the appearance of your furniture, help with its performance and extend its durability.

Leather Protection

The arrival of a new sofa or chair is an exciting time.  As with all new purchases, we all would like our new furniture to remain in pristine condition for as long as possible.  But of course accidents do happen, particularly when it comes to eating and drinking whilst relaxing on a lovely new sofa.

Stain protection treatment

In order to help protect against accidental spills becoming permanent stains we are pleased to offer our highly effective stain protection treatment, available on all our designs.  For only £60 a sofa and £30 a chair our stain protection treatment will be applied to your furniture prior to delivery to your home. The treatment creates an invisible, odourless protective layer which will greatly reduce the chance of spills becoming permanent stains.

Every order of stain protection treatment includes a free cleaning kit for emergency cleaning and removal of stains which will be delivered with your furniture*.  So you can relax and enjoy your new furniture in the knowledge that an unfortunate spillage is less likely to become a permanent stain.

* One free kit per customer, excluding orders of stools or scatter cushions.

Leather Care Kit

Our Leather Care kit contains two products for taking care of your leather furniture:

Leather Cleaner

For use on all leather types, Leather Cleaner is a balanced, water based cleaner product to clean gently and thoroughly with out harming the natural beauty and feel of the leather.

Leather Protector

Leather Protector is a highly advanced product designed to assist leather in repelling oils, Leather Protector forms an invisible breathable clean-ability thereby prolonging the life of your furniture.

  • Protection from pets
  • Sofa Care Tips
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Common disasters
  • Maintenance guide

How to protect leather furniture from pets

Whether your furry friend is a majestic feline or an energetic pup, you guys like to snuggle together. And where better to do that than lounging on the living room sofa, basking in love and comfort. To keep this love (and the domestic peace), you should protect your leather sofa from your pet, so no harm comes to it during the cuddling sessions.

Tips to keep your leather sofa looking its best

Leather sofas are known for their durability which is why they are a great investment. However, like any prised item in your household, your leather sofa requires regular care to remain in top shape.

We’ve answered some of the most common leather sofa care questions with expert advice on how to remove grease, stains and household germs from your leather sofa to keep it looking brand new.

Do’s and Don’ts of looking after your leather sofa

Despite the best efforts of your beloved pet or messy kids, it only takes light maintenance to keep your leather sofa looking as good as new for years. The good news is, soft and luxurious fine leather is the best choice for upholstered furniture. Like fine wine, it only gets better with age, so if you look after your leather sofa, it will keep a fantastic look and feel.

Here are some key things to do or avoid if you want to prolong the fantastic appearance and comfort of your leather furniture:

How to treat the most common leather sofa disasters

Christmas and New Year can play havoc with leather sofas. If your leather sofa, leather Chesterfield or leather suite is suffering from the aftermath of the thrills and spills of the festive season, and you can’t bear to spend the whole year looking at it, here’s how you identify which stains you can tackle yourself and those that are best left to the experts.

Guide to maintaining your leather sofa

Caring for a leather sofa doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. Most homeowners spend hours on end cleaning their homes, but spend little to no time on caring for their furniture pieces. The right maintenance is essential if you want to protect your leather sofa and keep it in prime condition. There are various types of leather, all of which require different types of care and cleaning methods.

Find out more about leather protection

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