Vintage Leather Sofas

Incorporate vintage leather into your space and experience the charm of a bygone era, reimagined for modern living. Unlike its more formal counterpart, antique leather, our vintage leather sofas boast a softer, matte finish reminiscent of a well-worn storybook. With its distinctive ageing aesthetic and timeless palette, a vintage leather sofa is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of life’s little imperfections and who are seeking that effortlessly chic, retro look.

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Our vintage leather sofas are available in a variety of models and colours. Whether you prefer the classics like slate or chestnut, or the rich warmth of rosewood or oxblood, each colour tells a unique story and brings its own character to your space.

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Why choose a vintage leather sofa?

Unlike a lot of leathers, vintage leather has a waxy, distressed appearance which gives a lot of warmth and character. Ideal for those seeking comfort without compromising style, vintage leather sofas work well with most interior designs, from contemporary spaces to traditional homes.

Our vintage leather is best suited to larger sofas, such as the Grand Chesterfield, Aspen and Burlington.

What sets vintage leather apart?

Our vintage leather is a unique type of leather. As it evolves, it develops a charming patina that tells the tale of your life’s moments. As you enjoy your vintage leather sofa, you’ll notice subtle lightening in areas that receive the most love, creating a truly personalised piece that you won´t find elsewhere. It’s like a fine wine that gets better with age. To help keep your vintage leather sofa looking its best, read our ‘Tips for keeping your leather sofa looking its best‘.

Experience true luxury

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