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Why is a black leather sofa a great addition to your home?

Having a great quality leather sofa can have a huge impact on the appearance of any living room. Considering a leather sofa will likely last for at least a decade, you should take into account the pivotal part it plays in the décor of your space and take care to choose the right style and colour.

With the myriad of choices available today, you are no longer restricted to the signature brown shades of leather Chesterfields are most popular for. Opting for a black leather sofa will instead add a more masculine, clean cut feeling to your living room, while also minimising the dangers for any spills and marks sticking out like a sore.

How to fit a black leather sofa into your interior design

If you have chosen to make a bold colour furniture piece like a black leather sofa the focal point of your living room, you need to approach decorating the space with creativity to ensure all aspects come together seamlessly. There are many clever ways in which your living room décor can be shaped to allow a black leather sofa to blend in.

As a general rule of thumb, choosing cushions that complement the colour of your leather sofa is a great way to ensure uniformity across the area. For a black leather sofa, you can use lighter cushions to create a nice contrast. Or, if you are looking to create a more luxurious, modernist atmosphere, choose cushions in a silky material or with geometric patterns to complete the slickness of the space.

For a contemporary style living room, you can embellish the masculine vibe of your black leather sofa with some modern art pieces. By incorporating wall art featuring a multitude of colours, you will also make sure there is some contrast balancing out the statement piece sofa.  For an even more contemporary feel, dot your walls with a number of smaller works of art instead of limiting yourself to one large piece of wall art.

Great colour palettes to pair with a black leather sofa

Featuring a black leather sofa as the focal point of your living room adds a stylish twist to the classic black, brown and off-white colour scheme. This elegant, masculine pattern is equally suitable for dim and bright rooms, but strategically placed mirrors and feature lighting are always welcome additions.

To make this monochromatic scheme work with a black leather sofa, focus mainly on using light browns, cream and off-white, saving black for the key accents throughout the room. For optimal effect, add textures and patterns such as bold black and white prints, a light sisal rug to complement the sofa, and some linen cushions.

More adventurous decorators can experiment with a colour palette of blacks, reds and browns, to create a style that is reminiscent of the Far East, and currently on-trend. The clean lines of your modern black leather sofa will help make sure the Turkish rugs, Oriental fabrics and thick textiles don’t make your living room overbearing. Complete with neutral walls and floors to offset the busy feel of the contrasting colours and the textiles.


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