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At Thomas Lloyd we have a range of traditional leather furniture and traditional Chesterfield sofas that will suit a home looking for a timeless and elegant design. Our traditional leather sofas and chairs are created to an exceptional high standard as they are handmade using our craftsmen’s traditional skills. We are also one of the largest UK manufacturers and all of our leather furniture has been manufactured in Wales since 1981.

What is traditional furniture design?

Traditional interior design is characterised by the charming mixture of formal and casual design aesthetics. This style is often defined by interior designers as the style that rose to popularity during the 18th and 19th centuries and the term traditional design has nowadays come to encompass a diverse range of traditional décor elements.

One of the main benefits of decorating your home in the traditional décor style is that it’s a fantastic way to ensure the passage of time doesn’t detract from your house’s appearance. Opting for traditional interior design is the easiest way to achieve a genuine homely atmosphere and make your house more welcoming to guests. What’s more, traditional styling will likely make your home more attractive to potential buyers, should you decide to put it on the market, and it will sell much easier as a result.

How to create a traditional style home? 

As the term for the style aptly suggests, traditional design is entirely timeless – it would have been fashionable during your grandparents’ home decorating days, and it will likely be in style when your children are making a home for themselves. But just because traditional décor is timeless it doesn’t mean it should be cluttered!

Invest in more durable pieces of furniture which will withstand possible abuse from pets or kids, and make sure you are furnishing your home with quality items which won’t go out of fashion. This way you’re not only ensuring you’re getting a good value for your money, you’re also handpicking furniture items which have the potential to one day become a family heirloom.

Chesterfield leather sofas, for example, are very popular amongst designers who are creating a traditional style. Chesterfield sofas are best known for their aged and natural appearance, and are set apart from similar alternatives by their thickly padded and buttoned seats, backs and arms. Chesterfield sofas add a sense of character and warmth to any room and are the type of furniture that only look better with the passage of time, thus epitomising the traditional design style.

You can use your Chesterfield leather sofa as a centrepiece in your home and accessorise with wooden accents, or even create a blend of traditional leather and wooden furniture, complete with similar moulding wood styles around windows, doors and baseboards for greater design unity.

The classic look customarily associated with traditional style décor is a Chesterfield sofa in a stately home surrounded by luxury bookcases and wooden furniture. To achieve this classic stately home image, try placing a brown leather Chesterfield in front of a large wooden bookshelf and finishing off the look by placing tall lamps on either side.

You can also add a truly unique and rustic feel to your traditional style home by incorporating antiques. Antique vases and similar accessories which can be found in antique shops and yard sales are a great way to add character to a traditional living room.

What are the benefits of a traditional style décor?

One of the reasons why traditional style is so popular is how well it’s able to incorporate diversity. Unlike more demanding styles like vintage or shabby chic, traditional interior design has the capacity to incorporate boldly coloured objects and fabrics and modern elements without them looking out of place.

In fact, incorporating a prized item like a piece of art or a different style piece of furniture will not only make the object more prominent, but it will also diversify your traditional home décor style, keeping it from looking too boring or plain.

What’s more, traditional home design can be gradually built over time. Because all the varied nuances of traditional décor styles complement each other very well, and all furniture stores will likely offer traditional furniture, you are not restricted by time or budget. You can accumulate new stuff over time and you’re not restricted to buying a whole furniture set if you are renovating your home.

Traditional decorating style works incredibly well with a variety of different colours and architecture, meaning you can personalise the look to your individual taste and create a classic home suitable for a range of different events, from a stylish black tie party to a kid’s birthday or a family Christmas dinner.

How to choose a sofa for a traditional style home?

Leather sofas have nowadays become synonymous with elegance and practicality, and choosing the right one for your home can do wonders to add an air of stylishness to your living room. Not only are leather sofas an incredibly durable, high-quality investment, but they are also available in a variety of styles ranging from extremely modern and minimalist to retro styles emulating previous era furniture.

Traditional leather sofas are the perfect choice if you are looking for an elegant low back sofa or a supportive high back sofa in antique two-toned colours. Alternatively, if you prefer to invest in a neutral timeless piece which will always remain a classic, you should choose a Chesterfield sofa – at just the right balance between modern and traditional, this stylish leather piece is bound to be both household and guest favourite.

Chesterfields are most commonly found in traditional style homes, amidst rooms featuring classic furnishings and cabinetry, and can make for a fantastic focal point, drawing people in with their domineering appearance and an abundance of charm. A great way to position a Chesterfield in your living room is by placing it close to the middle, thus allowing it to break up the room if it’s particularly large.

Balance the luxurious curved arms and prominent tufts of the Chesterfield sofa by incorporating clean lined elements or combining it with a large classic rug to create a cosy focal area which exudes character and sophistication. You could also accessorise the sofa with pillows in a bold accent colour if you are really willing to diversify your traditional style décor.

How to add warmth to a traditional living room?

Introducing traditional homely elements into your living room to create an amalgamation of comfort, informality and warmth is a great way to prepare your home for colder months. There are a number of traditional interior supplies which you could adorn your home with in addition to your comfortable sofa and crackling fire for optimal warming décor.

Dressing your leather sofa with woven blankets and cushions is a great way to combine showing off handcrafted pieces and having an extra layer for the cold evenings at an arm’s length. When you’re not using it, fold the throw and drape it over a sofa arm to soften the look.

Having everything to hand is a great way to make your living room more relaxed and therefore cosier. Ensure you’ve added enough surfaces near the sofa or armchairs to rest all the essentials – try using a leather storage stool as a coffee table, and scatter small lamp tables in nooks so there’s always place to put down mugs, snacks and books.


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