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Why a green leather sofa makes a great addition to your home

The appearance of any living room will be greatly impacted by having a great quality leather sofa as a focal point. Famous for their longevity and ease of maintenance, Chesterfield leather sofas are going to play an important part in your interior décor for years to come, so choosing the right style and colour is essential.

The plethora of choice available at Thomas Lloyd means you no longer have to limit yourself to the traditional brown shades, leather Chesterfields have built their fame on. To really take your décor to the next level, opt for a bold, unconventional colour choice such as a green Chesterfield sofa. This way you would be creating a focal point while also minimising the threat of marks and spills having disastrous consequences.

How do you decorate your living room around a green leather sofa?

Choosing to incorporate a bold piece such as a green leather sofa into your living room means you will need to get creative when decorating the space to make sure all aspects flow together seamlessly. Adding a deep green leather Chesterfield to a Victorian style living room, for example, is a fantastic way to add a contemporary spin on a classic interior design.

Dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria, this design style is famous for its splendour and grandeur, making it the perfect setting for boldly coloured furniture such as a green leather sofa. Paired with gold and brass accents, stunning wooden carvings and portraits of animals and flowers, a green Chesterfield sofa will blend perfectly into the overall aesthetic of the space.

With this style of leather furniture essentially being the epitome of Victorian décor, a green leather Chesterfield would make for a fantastic focal point of a Victorian style living room. Pair with antique furniture dating back to the Victorian era to make the space feel even more authentic, and finish off by accessorising with ornate silk or velvet curtains, floral arrangements and an abundance of Victorian ornaments such as globes, miniatures and needlepoint pillowcases.

Best colour palettes you can pair with a green leather sofa

Similar to the Victorian style in its abundance of colour, but with more contemporary flare, is the peacock blue colour scheme – a great interior décor choice if you are looking to make a statement with the overall aesthetic of your living room, this palette will make your green leather sofa appear at home while also adding depth to the space without looking busy.

To achieve a balanced look when decorating a peacock blue living room, mix light and bright shades of blue when accessorising around your green Chesterfield sofa – turquoise, cobalt and sky patterned items will complement the deeper shade of the sofa perfectly. You can also lighten the look with bright yellow, orange and purple accents, or even add a bold patterned rug to create a focal point in the room.


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