Contemporary Chairs

Contemporary furniture is a blend of influences that draws on a mixture of decor styles, such as modern, futurism and art deco. Think of comfort without fussiness, style without unnecessary embellishments, and function characterised by clean lines, boxy profiles, and the odd sensuous curve. That’s contemporary.

Discover the contemporary collection

Explore our collection of contemporary chairs. Combining elements of modern simplicity with artistic flair, our contemporary chairs boast a rich array of high-quality leather available in a spectrum of colours and finishes.

Not set on a contemporary chair? Browse through our complete online catalogue, which encompasses everything from traditional and vintage to modern and contemporary pieces – all meticulously handcrafted with the finest leather in Wales.

What makes a chair contemporary?

A contemporary chair is distinguished by its design that blends modern elements with up-and-coming trends. It often features straight, clean lines, minimalist details, a boxy shape, and high-quality materials like leather and metal. Our Grand Chesterfield and Cambridge collections exemplify this style, seamlessly fusing aesthetics and functionality.

How is contemporary furniture different from modern?

Contemporary furniture shares similarities with modern design, such as clean lines and minimalism. However, contemporary chairs embrace artistic elements and can be more creative. Modern design adheres to a stricter minimalist approach, while contemporary design is more fluid, accommodating various design elements and influences.

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