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Why should you invest in a blue leather sofa?

Investing in a Chesterfield leather sofa is in itself a great choice when it comes to decorating the interior of your home – high quality leather sofas are not only very durable and easy to maintain, but have also become synonymous with luxury and elegance. A great leather Chesterfield can turn your living room from mundane to stylish, and become the focal point which draws the eye of every house guest.

With the variety of styles and colours available here at Thomas Lloyd, it’s easy to fine tune your leather furniture to your home’s interior design style and colour scheme. While the default choice is often between a brown leather sofa for a timeless, traditional look, or a lighter shade like a tan leather sofa for the more contemporary home, heavily reliant on colour accents and accessories, there is also a whole palette of bold colour leather sofas you can experiment with. Choose furniture in a statement colour, like a blue leather sofa and decorate around it!

Blue leather sofa decorating ideas

Bold interior design choices such as a blue leather Chesterfield are guaranteed to impress all your house visitors. However, they could also prove to be a decorating challenge when it comes to complementing the overall aesthetic of the space. The key thing to remember when decorating with a blue leather sofa is to maintain the balance between choosing accessories which enable your sofa to stands out and creating a trendy, unified look for the room.

Blue Chesterfield sofas are a particularly great fit for contemporary style living rooms, as they fit nicely with the overall trend towards making a visual impact while also maintaining a level of minimalism. For a striking visual effect, combine a neutral colour scheme of white, beige and light brown with a blue leather Chesterfield. Match this with lightly coloured cushions in different geometric patterns and pair with a square or round glass coffee table for truly minimalist look, complete with straight lines and angular edges.

Colour palettes to pair with a blue leather sofa

The easiest way to balance a statement piece of furniture such as a blue leather sofa – be it a lighter shade or a dark navy – is by introducing neutral colours like white or off-white to your walls. This way your space feels more airy, while the blue Chesterfield sofa has the chance to really stand out. Turn this classic colour scheme into the timeless ‘coastal look’ by accessorising with sisal rugs and patterned cushions, and introducing natural materials such as light wood and rattan in the rest of the furniture.

Alternatively, you can use soft and rich fabrics, like wool throws and velvet cushions, to soften the strong masculine air a blue leather Chesterfield is bound to create in any room. You can also add more light to the space by pairing your blue leather sofa with warm teal and grey accessories and combining with light blue-grey or sheer curtains.


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