Low Back Sofas

Low back sofas, with their minimalist design, offer a modern and relaxed aesthetic that’s perfect for today’s living spaces. While they may not provide the same upper body support as high back sofas, their clean lines and open feel make them a popular choice for those who desire a contemporary design without compromising comfort. In addition to being incredibly stylish, a low back sofa is ideal for the more petite adult or for those looking to sink into comfort after a long day. 

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Are sofas with low backs comfortable?

Low back sofas offer a unique kind of comfort. They may not provide the same level of upper body support as high back sofas, but they excel in their sleek and relaxed design, offering a cosy and inviting seating experience. These sofas are perfect for casual and modern spaces and are an ideal choice for those who like slouching or lying back.

Why are sofa backs so low?

Low back sofas are designed with a focus on modern aesthetics; meaning the low backrest is intentionally crafted to create an open and spacious feel in your room. This design choice, such as our Cambridge collection, emphasises minimalism, clean lines, and a sense of lightness, making it an excellent option for contemporary interior designs.

What are the benefits of a low back sofa?

The benefits of a low back sofa include a sleek and modern appearance, an open and airy feel in your living space, and a comfortable seating experience that’s ideal for casual lounging. With their relaxed shape and proximity to the floor, they´re perfect for lying back while still feeling supported. Unlike some high back sofas, low back leather sofas work well in various room layouts and configurations, making them versatile choices for modern homes.



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