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Leather office chairs are the perfect solution if you’re looking to add both comfort and style to your office space. As a leather office chair is such a versatile piece, it can be placed at your desk, within a more relaxed meeting area or even in the corner of your office to create a cosy reading nook. With curved armrests, plump seat cushions and supportive backrests, take a look at our collection of expertly made leather office chairs, available in a range of colours and leather types.

Choosing the right office chair

Before you can select the right chair for your office, you need to consider where your chair will be placed and how often you plan on it being used. If you want an office chair to place behind your desk, you’ll want to select a leather wingback office chair that’s been designed with supportive features in mind. However, if you’re on the lookout for an office chair that will act as a comfortable place to sit and read, a roomy leather club chair will be a much more suitable choice.

For support

Choosing the right desk chair is key to ensuring you have the support you need to work long hours, with a focus on supporting your back, neck and arms. Luckily, a leather wingback office chair perfectly balances impressive craftsmanship with premium design, ticking all the boxes to provide optimal comfort. With a high back and raised armrests, a leather chair can provide support in the areas you need it most, helping you to achieve a posture that’s both comfortable and efficient for working at a desk.

For comfort

If you spend the majority of your working days sat behind your desk, you’ll need an office chair that’s as comfortable as possible. With soft leather upholstery and foam padded cushions, we’d recommend the leather Chesterfield office chair, designed to provide supreme comfort. With a Chesterfield office chair, you could even pair it with a luxurious leather footstool, creating the perfect place to sit back and relax between meetings.

For style

Not only providing the support and comfort you need in an office chair, leather executive chairs also have the ability to inject sophisticated style into any space. With sculpted wooden feet, hand-buttoned backs and a choice of luxurious leather types, leather office chairs are the perfect addition to any at-home office. Available in a range of colours, from traditional brown to burgundy red, a leather office chair has the ability to elevate the grandeur of your office room and will quickly become a statement piece in your home.

When choosing a colour for your leather office chair, it can be useful to consult a colour wheel to effectively choose a colour that will complement your current interior design. For example, if you have a dark blue feature wall in your at-home office, you may want to consider choosing tan leather for your office chair, balancing out the warm and cool tones in your space.

How to incorporate a leather chair into your office

Once you’ve selected the colour of your office chair, you’ll want to use styling to tie your new statement piece seamlessly into your office. A great way of incorporating leather furniture into an office is through traditional leather-bound books. By using decorative books with binding of a similar colour to your chair, you can use both material and colour to tie together the design of your office.

Similarly, if you choose a leather office chair from Thomas Lloyd, it’s likely your chair will include hand-crafted wooden feet. This traditional design feature provides you with a perfect opportunity to create a cohesive office space. Whether you use a vintage wooden desk or rustic wooden bookshelves, natural wood accessories are the perfect partner to our leather office chairs.

Another fantastic way to elevate both the comfort and design of your leather office chair is through the addition of patterned cushions. Through the colour and pattern of the cushion cover you choose, you can effortlessly connect your executive office chair to other design elements in your room.

Why choose a Thomas Lloyd leather office chair

At Thomas Lloyd, we have a wide range of leather chairs which would make the perfect addition to any at-home office. From our Chesterfield office chairs to our leather wingback office chairs, we’re confident we can provide you with an office chair that effectively meets your needs. Designed with support, comfort and style in mind, each of our leather chairs are crafted using only the highest quality timber frames, superior spring systems and high-resilient foam padding. You won’t find higher quality leather office furniture than here at Thomas Lloyd!

If you’re interested in our selection of desk chairs and would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the design, production or delivery of our chairs.

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