19th July 2017

How to pick the perfect lobby furniture

Your lobby or reception area when a visitor first enters the HQ of your hotel or business is your first opportunity to make a good impression. It’s therefore clearly important to ensure your lobby looks professional and features sleek furniture and comfortable seating. Not only does quality furniture help your clients feel welcome, but it can also help boost their mood ahead of business meetings or set the tone for their stay in your hotel.

Since purchasing lobby furniture is usually a long term investment, it’s a good idea to select furniture that is going to last and that fits well with the interior design of your space, while also being an accurate reflection of your brand and your employees. Here are some things to consider when choosing furniture for your lobby, reception and seating areas:

Lincoln 2 Seater Leather Sofa


The layout of your seating is hugely dependent on the type of visitors your lobby will be welcoming – while some waiting rooms tend to favour rows as a seating pattern, others, such as healthcare settings, cluster their seating the centre of the room. More decorative waiting rooms and lobbies, on the other hand, favour clustering small group of armchairs or leather sofas around a coffee table which can also serve as a location for impromptu meetings, a refreshment station or even a workplace on the go.

If you are furnishing a hotel lobby, ensure it ticks all the boxes and provides the best possible experience to your guests, it needs to be functional, comfortable and stylish. Since your lobby is the hub of activity in your hotel, integrating those three elements seamlessly and in harmony will ensure the space is aesthetically pleasing and offers your guests a welcoming feeling.


Another important point to consider when placing an order for your waiting room furniture, and especially the seating, is the number of people you are looking to accommodate. For some clinical establishments, both public and private, such as surgeries, dentists etc., it’s a good idea to plan for seating larger numbers of people to account for waiting times and the size of the practice.

Business reception areas and similar areas, on the other hand, benefit from fewer seats, but investing more in their luxury – a leather Chesterfield sofa, when correctly worked into the lobby interior, can go a long way with making the right impression about the values of your establishment.

In a hotel setting, the lobby doesn’t simply serve as a reception and waiting area – it is also often used as a place where hotel guests spend their time enjoying each other’s company, a hot drink or a good book. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your lobby achieves a balance between style and comfort when it comes to seating. A sure-fire way to achieving this is by furnishing the area with comfortable, soft seating – such as leather armchairs and Chesterfield sofas clustered to seat groups of guests – complemented with coffee tables and a selection of magazines and books.

Seating Type and Materials

The best way to ensure that, regardless of your type of business, the reception area doesn’t seem too institutional or school-like is by investing in some high-quality, luxurious looking seating. Furnishing your lobby with a few well-selected leather sofas is a great strategy to make your guests feel relaxed and well looked-after, while also giving your HQ personality and a modern vibe.

In addition to looking very slick and stylish, leather furniture is also incredibly easy to maintain, especially in comparison to other materials you could choose from when purchasing lobby furniture. Leather is a popular route for seating both in public spaces and private homes thanks to its unrivalled longevity and the ease of its upkeep.

A hotel lobby furnished with a selection of leather Chesterfield sofas and armchairs will look aesthetically pleasing and spotless with ease – investing in leather furniture pieces is a great use of your budget, as you save on upkeep without compromising the stylish look of your hotel.


Another key aspect of furnishing your lobby is the atmosphere you are aiming to create in your reception area, or in other words, the theme. It’s generally a good practice to have a lobby which complements the overall style of the business – whether it’s a modern-looking tech company or a solicitors’ office with tradition and class, the furniture of your reception area should be a reflection of the company as a whole.

This is especially true when it considering hotel lobbies, since be looking to set the expectations of the guests and give them an insight to what the rooms would feel like through the way you set up the lobby. For instance, if the guest rooms are classically furnished to create a boutique-style atmosphere, you wouldn’t want your lobby to be crammed with modern chairs and contemporary gadgets; instead, you should go down the route of the more traditional Chesterfield-style seating and complementing accessories such as handcrafted lamps or perhaps even a piano.

Overall, it’s important to make sure the concept of the hotel, or business space for that matter, is consistent throughout, starting with the lobby. Universally, it’s a great starting point to consider what you want your visitors to feel when they first walk into your lobby and furnish it accordingly. Moreover, if you need a unique colour sofa to match the rest of your interior, or you have your heart set of a particular leather style for your lobby’s Chesterfield sofas, you can place a bespoke order – and are even looking at getting a discount if you place a bulk order!

The lobby is widely considered to be amongst the most important rooms not only in hotels, but also across various other types of establishments, as it is the first point of contact with guests and the space in which they are greeted and presented with the opportunity to relax and discover what you have to offer. Seize the opportunity to create a stylish lobby furnished with classy, versatile and durable seating by purchasing from our Chesterfield leather sofas range, which will undoubtedly add a touch of ambience to the experience of your guests.



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