12th April 2017

3 Reasons why a high backed leather Chesterfield will be a great addition to your home

Our brand new Belgravia model is now in! Our Belgravia range of high backed leather sofas and chairs, inspired by vintage leather Chesterfield sofas, look stunning in any home with their classic button styling in the finest tradition of leather upholstery manufacture. The high backed leather sofas are part of our stunning Chesterfield Sofa Collection, all of which are handmade in the UK.

Whether you are a complete leather sofa novice, or a long-time Chesterfield enthusiast, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why high back sofas could work for you:

(1.)  High back leather sofas add a classy touch to your interior décor

One of the main reasons why high back sofas are so popular is the reminiscence they bring of the long gone aristocratic era and the more formal pastimes like afternoon tea and ladies whispering secrets to each other in an Austen-esque manner.

If you are looking for a sofa which can bring an air of romance to your living room while at the same time being fairly low maintenance, a high back leather Chesterfield with scrolled arms and a buttoned back is the perfect choice.

(2.)  Your head and neck get extra support

The added support provided by a high back sofa can significantly boost your comfort by easing tension in your neck and back area – which is a particularly pleasant sensation if you are suffering from back pains.

In fact, even if they are not experiencing any back pains, most people find that they prefer high back sofas when it comes down to choosing the most comfortable and soothing seating option. A likely reason for that is the fact that high backed sofas have cushions designed to keep your spine and muscles in a natural seated position. Moreover, high backed leather Chesterfields stay in great shape much longer, with no need for pillow puffing.

(3.)  A high back sofas will balance out your high ceiling

While sofas with shorted backs will look a bit lost if your home boasts airy spaces and high ceilings, a high back leather sofa can make for a real statement piece while simultaneously balancing out the space. To make the most of your spacious house, you can go even further with your interior decoration and surround your high backed Chesterfield with tall floor lamps or even embellishing your ceiling with stylish light fittings.

Browse our Chesterfield leather sofas range and be there first to get the new high back style.



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