28th March 2017

Top 4 places to spot a leather Chesterfield outside of your home


Canterbury Highback Leather Chair in brown antique leather

There’s something intrinsically luxurious and old-fashioned about a leather Chesterfield sofa. All that tufting! Those curved arms! There’s just so much to love, which is probably why the leather Chesterfield has remained a furniture classic decade after decade. We’ve rounded up the top four places you are likely to spot a leather chesterfield outside of your living room.

1. Public houses

Furnishing a pub to suit its audience while remaining authentic, can be a difficult process. There are many pubs across the UK that were once fantastic examples of Victoriana – beautiful buildings of character and history. Any pub needs somewhere for guests to sit. The ambience, character and even the speed of drinking can be dictated to some extent, by the style of seating present in a pub. That’s why a brown leather Chesterfield is a popular choice amongst landlords. Classy, elegant and comfortable and with an air of luxury that can’t be ascertained by any other piece of furniture.

2. Restaurants & Bars

Everyone visiting a restaurant or bar seeks top enjoy an atmosphere that is alive with laughter and excitement and the key to this is to ensure all guests are as comfortable as they can be. The majority of your guests will be looking for the ultimate luxury and comfort as they all sit back, rest or relax and enjoy a few quiet (or not so quiet!) drinks with their friends. This is where an indulgent leather Chesterfield sofa can provide a durable, strong and comfortable piece of bar furniture that can repel splashes of overzealous drinkers.

3. Cafés

Informality has enhanced our British café culture over recent years, and leather Chesterfield sofas and chairs are now seen in almost every café, which has added a new trend of style and contemporary ambience. Comfort plays a huge part in attracting customers to a café and a key factor in letting them linger. Brown Chesterfield sofas make a perfect choice, as they can pretty much take whatever a café will throw at them – be it coffee or clambering children!

4. Businesses

No other kind of chairs or sofas can offer the aura of sophistication, elegance and stability to an office that seems to exude from a leather Chesterfield sofa. The sofa’s elegant looks saw it adopted by many prominent businesses. From hotels to waiting rooms, swanky offices and lobbies, you typically find places that need a refined décor to match the premium services that they offer their customers have added a leather chesterfield sofa into the mix.

As you can see, the traditional design is never out of fashion; it just gets better with age! The ultimate in statement seating for pretty much anywhere, perhaps you’ll now start to notice how popular these chesterfield sofas are in our everyday life. Why not let us know if you’ve spotted a leather chesterfield sofa in a particularly unusual place!

If you fancy introducing a leather Chesterfield sofa into your home or business, then why not be inspired by browsing our popular range of Thomas Lloyd contemporary Chesterfields and traditional leather sofas.



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