18th June 2015

Creating a traditional style living room

Traditional interior design is held in high regard for its charming combination of casual and formal design aesthetics. One thing that homeowners and interior designers love about traditional décor is that the passage of time doesn’t detract from its appearance. The traditional style will not only make your home more welcoming to guests, but it will also help to create that genuine homely atmosphere that so many homeowners crave.

Be Diverse

One of the key reasons why traditional décor is so popular is because of the way that it incorporates diversity. Unlike styles such as shabby chic or vintage, traditional décor has the ability to incorporate modern elements and boldly coloured objects without looking odd. For instance, your favourite piece of art and a less traditional item of furniture can be combined if you want your living rooms theme to be diverse. By creating a combination such as this, you will make your prized item more prominent and prevent the traditional style from becoming too boring or homogeneous.

Use mid tones

Mid-tones are the best colour choice for traditional decor. Choosing mid tones will mean avoiding the bright and dark colours, both for floor coverings and walls. Lighter colours such as pale blue and crème will look the nicest on your walls and slightly darker colours will be better suited for the floors, this will create a nice balance. Also, make sure you don’t paint adjacent rooms in very different colours, this is a bad idea. Your colour palette should progress gradually, shifting from the warm mid-tones to cooler mid-tone greens and blues in the back of your home.

Focus on furniture

Traditional furniture items can be finished in any colour tone; natural woods are a particularly common choice amongst homeowners and designers. Apart from using traditional wooden furniture as a centrepiece in your home, you can also use similar styles of wood molding around doors, baseboards and windows for increased design unity. Leather sofas are also popular amongst designers looking to create a traditional style. One piece of furniture that epitomises the traditional design style is the Chesterfield.

Incorporate antiques

When I suggest that you incorporate antiques, I don’t mean that you should go over the top with these. Accessories such as antique vases can be a great way to add character to a living room. Yard sales, thrift stores and antique stores are all great places to pick antiques up. When you have antiques, you have the luxury of creating a truly unique and rustic feel.

Incorporate dramatic window treatments

Because traditional style living rooms were primarily used for the hosting of important guests, window treatments were designed to add a touch of dramatic charm to the room. To emulate this tradition and create a truly authentic look, choose curtains in heavy, rich fabrics or colours. If you have large windows in your living room, Floor to ceiling drapes are a surefire way to make a traditional design statement. For smaller windows, heavy looped valances can be used to achieve the same look.

Traditional decorating styles allow you to create a classic home that will be comfortable for all kinds of events, whether you’re having the family around for a get-together or celebrating a birthday. This style also works well with a variety of different colours and architecture allowing you to completely personalise the look of your home. To achieve this look, follow the tips above.



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