19th November 2018

How to protect leather furniture from pets

Whether your furry friend is a majestic feline or an energetic pup, you guys like to snuggle together. And where better to do that than lounging on the living room sofa, basking in love and comfort. To keep this love (and the domestic peace), you should protect your leather sofa from your pet, so no harm comes to it during the cuddling sessions.

We’ve rounded up our top tips on having your leather furniture and your pets live in harmony:

Is leather furniture pet friendly?

When it comes to furniture materials, microfiber and leather sofas are currently the most popular pet proof choices. So if you’ve not had a chance to see first-hand how leather furniture holds up to pets, look into different types of leather before choosing a sofa.

High quality grain leather will prove to be sturdier than other alternatives – less likely to crack or tear than other types, it’s the most pet friendly leather. You can also have a protective finish applied to your leather furniture for extra peace of mind.

How durable is leather furniture with pets

The durability of leather furniture with pets is actually one of its many selling points. Unlike fabric couches, your leather sofa won’t attract the hairs shed by your furry friend, and it’s much easier to clean. A simple wipe down will help you get rid of most pet related stains, such as mud and dirt sneakily dragged in from your back garden! What’s more, leather furniture is significantly more resistant when it comes to pet odour.

Do dogs and cats ruin leather couches?

Pet owner leather furniture is in about as much risk as the rest of the furniture pieces in the house. And while there is always the possibility that your cat views the side of your leather sofa as a scratching post, or your dog takes a shine to chewing on the cushions, there’s a number of ways to pet proof your leather.

Provide a better alternative

The easiest way to keep your cat or dog from ruining your leather sofa is strategically placing pet toys near it. Whether it’s a luxurious scratching post for your favourite feline or a sumptuous chew toy for the canine of your heart, an exciting distraction is the best way to keep your pet’s paws off your leather furniture.

Arrange a cover up

Throws and pet-friendly covers are another efficient way to protect your leather couch from pet stains. You can buy a leather furniture cover for pets specifically designed to keep your furry friend’s odour, fur and dander off your fine leather pieces.

If you don’t want to compromise the stylish look of your leather sofa, you can also buy a luxurious throw to put over it. Just make sure it’s machine washable!

Invest in a leather bed for your pet

If you want to teach your pets to stay off the couch, but don’t want them to miss out on the luxurious lounging experience, you should get them their own bed. It’s a great replacement for their favourite spot on the couch, and much more comfortable than the floor.

In addition to keeping fur, stains and odours contained, a lovely cat or dog bed placed next to the sofa will make them feel like they are a part of what’s going on, and give them their very own lounging space. You can even get a stylish dog bed in a colour to match your leather sofa!

Chenille Dog Bed – Dalton Pillow by Ralph & Co

Groom your companion

The two biggest culprits when it comes to pet sofa damage are nail marks and dander. Fortunately, both can be neutralised with some regular grooming. Make sure you keep the claws of your furry friend nicely trimmed and filed to avoid claw marks (as well as painful chips for your pet).

A weekly brush of your pet’s fur is another grooming must if you want to keep your leather sofa spotless. Regular brushing will save you the effort of having to thoroughly vacuum every corner of your couch while also keeping your furry friend healthy and clean.

Set up some ground rules

Both professional training and positive reinforcement can go a long way when it comes to setting up boundaries. Treats are the perfect means to send the message that the leather sofa is off-limits, and the floor is good. Keeping your living door shut when you’re not around is another fool proof way to protect leather furniture from your furry menace.


To protect leather furniture from pets, you will need to invest some time training and grooming your furry friend. We also recommend taking regular care of your leather sofa to keep it looking its best. Our Leather Care kit contains everything you need to clean your leather furniture and keep it oil-free.



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