03rd July 2020

Spotlight on the Regent: the elegant leathers sofa that will elevate the style of your lounge

Designed to stand out, our Regent Chesterfield style collection is the epitome of timeless grace. Every inch of this traditional sofa exudes elegance, from the attractive curved back to the sweeping arms, and every signature Chesterfield button in between.

One of the most distinctive features of our Regent three-seater sofa is the elevation if offers. Compared to the lower set of traditional Chesterfield designs, the Regent boast an impressive floor to seat height, complete with plump cushions for extra comfort.

As well as literally lifting up the setting by several centimetres, this style feature also makes the Regent collection perfect for creating a sense of space in a living room by sheer virtue of leaving a gap between the floor and the sofa.

The gorgeous brass feet characteristic of the Regent leather sofas are another lovely addition to the look and feel of the collection. Creating a stunning contrast between natural and man-made materials (leather and brass), the sofa feet bring a very vintage classic look.

The Regent collection is definitely not one to blend with its surroundings – whether you choose the full-size sofa or another leather furniture piece showcased below, you’re guaranteed all eyes would be on this elegant addition to your lounge.

Flexible flourish with a Regent two-seater

Boasting the same luscious curved silhouette as its larger counterpart, the Regent two-seater leather sofa is perfect if you want to be economic on space without compromising with the style of your living room. More compact than traditional Chesterfield sofas, this piece of the Regent collection will fit into any size lounge and add a flourish of traditional elegance to the space.


Join the Regent Club (chair)

Staying true to both the Chesterfield tradition and the distinctive features of the Regent range, this antique leather chair is both a striking statement piece and a luxuriously cosy spot for lounging. Complete with a roomy seat cushion, the Regent leather club chair is ideal for reclining comfortably in an elegantly furnished study, or even alongside a leather sofa from the collection.


High (back) expectations

For those partial to an elevated back, our Regent collection also features a high back leather chair. Combining all of our favourite Chesterfield-inspired details with great back support, this antique leather armchair will lure you in with a smooth leathery embrace and have you wanting to lounge in it for hours. Plus, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of refinement to any room without making the space look crowded.


Each of the leather furniture pieces in our Regent range is available in antique or vintage leather as a standard. If you would like to place a bespoke order for a sofa made with Softgrain leather, get in touch.

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