18th August 2020

Spotlight on the Cambridge: The low back sofa for superior comfort

The Cambridge leather furniture range is one of the cornerstones of our traditional leather sofa collection. The design of the Cambridge Three-Seater Sofa combines the classic hand-buttoned back detail of the Chesterfield with elegant antique wooden legs and unique sweeping arms to create a silhouette worthy of a central place in your living room.

Low back sofas like the Cambridge offer an extra dose of comfort for those looking to lounge or kick back in the evening with a good book or a favourite TV series. With their relaxed shape, they’re perfect for lying back while still feeling supported, especially when combined with a few cushions for extra softness.

An added benefit of low backed sofas is their proximity to the floor. Less elevated than other traditional Chesterfield designs, our Cambridge sofas are ideal for more petite adults, as well as the youngest and eldest members of the household. With a convenient seat angle, low backed sofas are by far the easiest to get up from.

The Cambridge is one of the lowest sofas in the Thomas Lloyd collection, and there are several reasons to choose it. As well as the comfort of your family and guests, low backed sofas are also great from a visual perspective. Having a lower profile exposes more wall area, which gives you more opportunities to display large prints or mirrors on the wall behind it.

What’s more, a low-backed sofa like the Cambridge is great to have under a window, as it will not obscure the sill and will allow more light in. Plus, if your house is lacking in window seats, a Cambridge sofa will be the perfect substitute for a spot where you can lounge, read and look out towards the street or garden.


The compact Cambridge

The Cambridge Two-Seater Leather Sofa packs the traditional look of the range in a smaller size, ideal for living rooms with lower ceilings or less spacious areas. All the key elements of the design are preserved in the dainty package, making it a great focal point as well as a superb spot for afternoon relaxation.



The miniature Club

If you’re looking to go even smaller – either to complete a set or fill a nook – the Cambridge club chair is a stylish solution for your needs. Blending traditional club chair form with the distinctive modern silhouette and sweeping arms of the Cambridge range, this armchair fits easily into contemporary and classic interiors alike.



Slip into the slipper chair

Reimagining the slipper chair with the features of the Cambridge range, we’ve created a sumptuous seat that suits any space. The mixture of classic hand-buttoned detail, curved arms and modern silhouette make the Cambridge slipper chair the perfect addition to any office. The armchair also looks fabulous alongside larger pieces from the collection, or as slipper chairs were originally intended, next to a dresser in your bedroom.


All the handmade Chesterfield leather furniture pieces in our Cambridge collection are available in our soft vintage leather as a standard. If you wish to discuss having a bespoke sofa made using antique, Milton, Tempest or Blake leathers, give us a call.

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