30th October 2013

What makes Chesterfield Leather Sofas so special?

Originally getting its name from the 4th the Earl of Chesterfield (Phillip Stanhope), A Chesterfield Sofa is one of those rare objects that can actually look better with age. Its natural and ageing appearance can add a real sense of warmth and character to a room, providing a perfect focal point.

A Chesterfield sofa looks amazing in just about any room, regardless of its size and style. Even some of the smallest spaces can benefit greatly from a well-positioned chesterfield sofa.

Chesterfield sofas are very similar in style and build to a settee but are slightly larger and more luxurious. These sofas feature deep buttoned, low base seats and quilted leather upholstery. They are easily distinguishable from other sofas due to the arms and backs being the same height.

During the 1930’s in England, more attention was given to the quality of leather used in the manufacturing process of chesterfield sofas, making them more reliable, durable and comfortable. Despite the fact that Chesterfield sofas are regarded as being traditional English furniture pieces, they have gone on to become very popular worldwide.

So what makes Chesterfield Sofas so special?

They are actually quite a rare breed. They are deceptively versatile and can be used in just about any type of decoration or design. These sofas work especially well with contemporary and traditional styles. Brown Chesterfield sofas are ideal if you are looking for a sophisticated centrepiece for your living room.

These sofas are also timeless and have a fantastic wealth of history behind them. They are also built to very high standards, from the sturdy and robust hardwood frame to the finely grained leather upholstery.

Chesterfield sofas are a style icon in their own right. They have been around for over two hundred years and ooze elegance and sophistication; these really are the ideal choice for anyone who values good form, style and substance.

Not only are chesterfield sofas practical, but they are also highly durable and hardwearing. When you consider that the average life of a family sofa is around 8 years, then they need to be resilient.

Chesterfield sofas are built to last and can stand up to the harsh treatments and knocks that families can throw at it. Black Chesterfield sofas cope excellently with spillages, all it takes is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and they are returned to their original condition.

At Thomas Lloyd, all of our leather sofas are designed and constructed to the highest of standards. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the service that we provide to homeowners.

A Chesterfield leather sofa from Thomas Lloyd is a great investment, whereas other sofas tend to depreciate in the long run, ours are built to last. Our Chesterfield Leather sofas are built by experienced craftsmen using traditional methods that have stood the test of time.



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