15th January 2015

Create A Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary décor is extremely popular at the moment; this is mainly down to the streamline aesthetics that it creates. With the living room being the most seen room in a property, everyone wants it to look as stylish and homely as possible. While it’s all very well having a stylish contemporary living room, it must also be practical and comfortable. We’ll highlight a number of ways in which you can achieve a contemporary look for your living room.

Henry 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Choose a contemporary leather sofa

With such an array of sofa designs, materials and colours to choose from, choosing one for a contemporary style living room may seem like a tricky task. But it’s actually easier than choosing a sofa for a traditional style living room. Corner sofas are a great way to create a contemporary look and will eliminate the need for multiple sofas. A tan leather sofa is probably the best option as this will lend itself to contemporary minimalism.

Opt for a neutral colour scheme

The beauty of contemporary design is its minimalist nature, which is created by neutral colour schemes. Your colour scheme should consist of neutral colours such as beige, white, black and brown. This will allow boldly coloured furnishings and accessories to create a more effective visual impact. For example, a red leather sofa will create a striking visual effect in a living room decorated predominantly in a neutral palette.

Place an emphasis on geometric shapes

Squares and rectangles are two of the most frequently found shapes in a contemporary style living room, as are any shapes which consist of angular edges and straight lines. Circles are also common in contemporary style, where they are often used for mirrors and photo frames. Rectangles with round edges don’t work well with contemporary design, so avoid using this shape if you can.

Keep it light

If you look at most contemporary style living rooms, the majority of them with have a lot of light flowing in. Windows that allow a generous amount of sunlight to enter your living room at an angle are the best, and artificial lighting is just as important. Opt for lights that generate a bright white glow rather bulbs which generate a yellow-white glow. Spotlights are an excellent source of light and also lend themselves well to creating a minimalist contemporary look.

Make use of artwork

Large unconventional paintings are an important focal point in an otherwise neutral living room. Many interior designers will include large wall art to serve as visual interest points or conversation pieces. Another idea is to use multiple pieces of wall art to make one large focal point. Make sure you don’t use too much artwork though as the beauty of contemporary design is in its minimalistic nature.

Add bursts of bright colour

While your base colour scheme should consist of neutral colours, bright accent colours and bold patterns will help to create an edgy contemporary look. Think of colours such as tangerine, lime green, bright yellow and fire engine red.

Invest in a glass coffee table

Glass is a relatively low-key material which works extremely well in contemporary style living rooms. Because it’s glass, it can lend itself well to minimalistic décor, whereas a traditional wooden coffee table
could potentially clutter your living room. You can accessorise the glass coffee table with a modern vase that contains unconventional flowers. If you do opt for a glass coffee table, choose one that’s a square or perfectly round circle.



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