30th August 2013

Choosing The Right Leather Sofa For Your Home

Leather sofas have become synonymous with practicality and elegance. The right sofa can transform your living from boring and bland to stylish and elegant. When buying a leather sofa it is easy to become overwhelmed by the diversity of colors and styles available. Sofas are the main focal point of any living room; they are one of the first things that your guests notice and contribute a great deal to the overall style and décor.


There are many considerations to make when buying leather sofas, and depending on your lifestyle and home, there are certain types of leather sofas that will be more suited to your specific needs.

With so many options available there really is something for everyone. The aim of this article is to assist you in choosing the perfect leather sofa for your home.

Choosing a colour:

The most important thing to consider when choosing the colour of your sofa is practicality. If you have a young family then you probably won’t want to spend your spare time wiping sticky fingerprints or shoe scuffs from a cream or white leather sofa. When choosing a sofa colour you should always take into consideration any of the existing patterns and colours in the room.

n increasingly popular choice is the black leather sofa, not only because it is an easy colour to clean, but also because it works well with pretty much any type of décor. A brown Chesterfield sofa can bring an element of character and warmth to a living room. Bring a spark of light to neutral décor with a red leather Chesterfield. Tan leather sofas can accentuate the beauty of a polished wooden floor and can be accessorised with a variety of colourful cushions.

Choosing a style:

With such a diversity of styles available it can be hard to choose a leather sofa that everyone in your home is happy with. If you like sofas with high backs and elegant low back designs in two toned antique colours then you should consider a traditional leather sofa. If ever you’re in doubt, consider a Chesterfield sofa, they are so timeless and classic that you literally can’t go wrong, women and men love them.  If you’re looking for something a bit more modern than a contemporary sofa is a good choice, these are available in a wide variety of styles and work well with most décor styles.

Choosing a type of leather:

The timelessness and durability of leather are what makes it such an excellent choice for sofas. If you’re a fan of genuine leather, full grain leather gives you a high standard of finish that’s rich with natural markings and grain like characteristics. To protect against any wear and tear the leather is specially coated, making it very simple to look after.

If you’re looking for a flawless finish then consider corrected grain leather, the top surface of the leather is partially removed via buffing, taking away any imperfections and providing an attractive glossy appearance. There are also numerous other styles of leather such as split leather, suede, and faux leather. Whatever style of leather you choose, it’s all about looking natural, being soft to touch, and comfortable.

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Choosing the correct size:

Another important aspect of choosing a leather sofa is the size, there are dimensions to consider, width, height and depth. The height is measured from the floor up to the top of the sofa and back down. The width of a sofa is measured from one arm to another. The depth is calculated from the back edge to the front edge of the sofa.

It’s recommended that you choose a leather sofa with less depth for a living room that is long and narrow. If your living room is square shaped, you will have the ability to accommodate more width and depth. For a larger living room, you can pretty much accommodate any size and style of sofa that you desire.

Chesterfield leather sofa from Thomas Lloyd is a great investment, all of our leather sofas are manufactured in our South Wales factory using only the best materials. Whereas other leather sofas depreciate over time, ours are built to stand the test of time.



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