21st July 2016

5 ways to work a leather Chesterfield into your home

Typically traditional yet incredibly versatile, a quality leather Chesterfield adds a touch of class to any room decor whether it’s made of antique upholstery or vintage leather. Here’s how to maximise the impact of your Chesterfield, wherever it sits in your home.

Duplicate the deep-button trend

Monty 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Although there’s no official definition of what constitutes a Chesterfield, it’s generally accepted to be a deep-buttoned sofa with arms and back of the same height. Create a sense of seamless continuity by introducing other buttoned pieces of furniture into the room, too. An ottoman, banquette or footstool would work well or, if your room is open-plan, go for buttoned upholstered dining chairs.


It’s all in the symmetry

Chesterfield symmetry

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Placing two identical Chesterfields opposite each other is a failsafe arrangement. Some might consider it a bit too formal – as the designer’s fastidious eye for symmetry continues through to lamps, vases and stools, too – but it’s the most sociable arrangement you can get if you want to create a room that’s conducive to chatting rather than watching TV.


Guest appeal

Leather Chesterfield Sofabed

Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you need extra space in a guest room, or playroom but don’t want a sofa that makes a statement as opposed to screaming ‘sofa bed’, then add a Chesterfield Leather Sofabed. Hidden underneath is a big double bed, with a mattress that’s comfy enough to sleep (or crash) on, night after night.


Squeeze one into a bedroom

Aspen 2 Seater Leather Sofa

With a choice of compact leather Chesterfields on the market, why not squeeze one into a bedroom for some added luxe appeal? And if you really don’t have space, then why not add a leather storage stool or lamp table to add a touch of elegance without eating into your floor space.


Exposed brick backdrop

Chesterfield brick backdrop

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Chesterfields look amazing against an exposed brick wall, but you’ll need to soften the look to avoid it feeling too stark. Add lots of cosy accessories, such as cushions and a large rug, and make sure some of your colours are warm to further cheer the warehouse look.



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